Performance is a key feature for all software systems. The product with the most efficient code can be faster, longer lasting, cheaper and have lower power requirements than the competition. Moreover, in today's highly connected systems, all software must be secure and robust enough to withstand attack. Increased functional complexity and tighter development schedules reduce the amount of time that can be devoted to these aspects of design.

Prism Services from CriticalBlue provide bespoke IP, Services and Consulting solutions to ensure that your software performs to its full potential.


Prism Services offer a rare blend of technology and expertise delivering innovative performance solutions to our customers.

Focus your domain specialist developers on functionality while we provide the performance engineering.

Enhance the runtime performance and robustness of your software with tools and embedded IP based on the Prism Technology Platform.

Accelerate the development of performance critical applications by extending your team with our engineers.

Success across multiple domains