Performance Engineering as a key engineering discipline for the development of successful technology.

Investment in measuring, analyzing and optimizing code during development is fundamental in delivering software which uses its underlying platform in an efficient manner. Code efficiency translates directly into a more competitive product across a range of metrics.

Better Numbers

Faster code delivers better data sheet numbers. Delivering performance at design time is much profitable than paying for faster components in every product sold.

Longer Battery Life

Software Performance means doing the work in fewer cycles. This means that the system can spend more time idling, reducing long term power consumption.

Lower Costs

Code optimization can reduce the footprint of a product's software in a number of dimensions, allowing greater flexibility in hardware component selection. Lower performance processors, less memory and fanless designs could become possible approaches to lowering the bill of materials for a product.

More Features

Reducing the footprint of existing software allows more or upgrades features to be added to an existing product, increasing its competitive life span