Outsourcing software development is a difficult step to take but to build the best product your platform software has to deliver the performance you expect.

As more functionality is moved onto embedded platforms, hardware engineers have created highly optimized platforms which allow for huge performance benefits but often at the expense of ease of use. We have a strong track record in developing highly efficient interfaces allowing straightford access to complex hardware functionality.

Rapid Results

Engineers at Prism Services have huge experience in implementing custom software functionality across a range of complex platforms providing easy to use, domain specific interfaces to build your product on.

Small specialist engineering teams, quickly integrate with your development process and people minimising management overhead. Our agile approach ensures that the right functionality is delivered at the right time.

High Performance

Performance Engineering is at the heart of what we do. This means that Software Development projects always have a focus on delivering optimized software. Our Engineers have access to cutting edge tools and techniques which are unavailable elsewhere allowing them to deliver on the potential of your chosen platform.